Hummingbirds - Too Good to Be True!

Hummingbirds – Where do you start? So cool! So tiny! So unique!

Certainly one of the most beautiful birds in the world and truly one of the most fascinating. What makes them so special?

Size for one…or the lack there-of. They really are the smallest of all birds, and yet, with more than 330 species, they make up the second largest family of birds in the world. A fact made even more remarkable when considering that they are found nowhere else on the planet except in the Americas!

They are the undisputed avian aerobatic flight champions, masters at hovering and the only birds able to fly backwards and upside down.

They have the fastest heart rate, the fastest wing beat, the fastest metabolism and the largest heart, in proportion to body size, of any bird. They have the smallest brain of any bird, but it’s a good brain, capable of navigating thousands of miles to migrate back to the exact same feeder year after year.

And the smallest of all birds has one of the biggest appetites…ingesting up to eight times their weight in solid food and liquid every day. They use the flexible tip of their bill to capture insects and insect eggs from the ground and on plants. They love spiders and spider eggs. And as for the “liquid” portion, their forked, open-grooved tongues lap up nectar from the feeders and flowers at an amazing 12 times a second.

So, maybe they aren’t too good to be true…but they are too good to miss! Do you have your feeder out yet? You'll be keeping them out all summer—don't take them down in the fall until you haven't seen a hummingbird for TWO full weeks. Migrants and stragglers will thank you!